Thursday, July 5, 2012

Discover yourself, before discovering the world

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Today I discovered that I am an ENFP That’s Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving.
And suddenly I understood WHY I can't stop looking for my "lifework"))) Why I want to try something new. And of course it is easy to call me a weathercock due to my personality type, but I find it really important and affecting my life.

"ENFPs can be the warmest, kindest, and most sympathetic of mates; affectionate, demonstrative, and spontaneous. Many in relationships with an ENFP literally say, "They light up my life." But there is usually a trade-off: the partner must be willing to deal with the practical and financial aspects of the relationship, and the ENFP must be allowed the freedom to follow their latest path, whatever that entails."

My poor Ann) But what exonerates me - I deal with practical aspects)) She is an ISTP by the way.
If you want to test yourself, you can use this link: 
And if you are ENFP (as me) you can read about yourself HERE and HERE
Don't be affraid, it's not so bad) - there are many cute and nice things about us.

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