Friday, May 25, 2012



I'm so excited!
My Rain cloud and drops magnet set will feature in Swedish interior design magazine Family Living!
Can't wait september issue)

Ann passes her GMAT exam in 11 hours. We are a bit nervous about it.
But I am quite sure she succeeds.
Cross your fingers for us please)

UPD: she scored 690!!!! We are so happy

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Interiors in movies

People in cinemas... they watch the movie, follow the story, criticize the characters, shed a few tears over the story or laugh until they cry. However, sometimes they leave the cinema in the middle of the movie dissappointed - either with the actors or with the story, or maybe with both.
Of course I feel the same emotions about the film idea, actors or subject when I'm in the cinema, but I like the picture best of all (this happens, you know - the movie sucks, but the picture is awesome!) I admire beautiful interiors, even if the movie is boring. I'm mad about beautiful and atmospheric pictures!
And I decided to share my TOP10 films with awesome interiors with you)
So, let's start!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Who i am and why i am here)

Hello and welcome to everyone. My name is Helena and i'm so happy to be here)
I started this blog to practise my English and to find international friends.
I was born in Moscow, Russia, I grew up here, I fell in love here too. But... my country doesn't recognize same sex marriages, so I and my partner Ann decided to move to Canada and to change our lives) Yes, we are a bit adventurers)
We are mums of 3 year old Welsh Corgi Pembroke boy. His name is Lis (in Russian it means fox). He is the best dog in the world!

Now Ann prepares to pass the exams for universities (we expecting to come in Canada in 2013). She is very smart and i definitely believe she succeeds. She decided to become a blogger too (but she will write in Russian) to share her experience in applying for and studying abroad with other russian people who are intrested in this theme.

I love traveling, cooking, spending time with my family, creating handmade stuff. I am a great fan of photography, design, houses with history and all the beauty of the world)
I definitely believe that we succed everethyng! Because we are family and we support each other in all our projects)

You can find my photographs here:
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